The Market Hall

The 17th-century Old Amersham centrepiece

St Mary’s Church

The Grade I-listed Medieval church in Old Amersham dates back to 1140 A.D.

Metropolitan No.1 Train

Our beautiful Metropolitan No.1 replica is half the size of the original E-class steam locomotive

Old Amersham Memorial Gardens

Old Amersham's award-winning gardens, with historical and environmental interest

High & Over

Discover the Architectural Marvel of High & Over

Former Amersham Brewery (Badminton Court)

See a former home of Amersham’s most popular beer, a stout, known as Weller’s Entire after the owners of the brewery, the Weller family

The Maltings

Explore the hidden history beyond The Grade II listed maltings

The Worthies

Come and see another well-preserved Tudor building which has its own hidden secrets

The Old Rectory

Come and see the iconic Old Rectory

The Martyrs Memorial

Visit Amersham Martyrs Memorial

Gilbert Scott Court (Workhouse)

Welcome to Gilbert Scott Court, a former Workhouse and a hidden gem in the heart of historic Old Amersham

Quaker Meeting House

Discover the charm of Amersham Quaker House

Shardeloes Farm and The Equestrian Centre

A historically significant 18th-century country residence

Old Amersham High Street

Periodic architecture and over 150 listed buildings reflect Amersham's rich history