Our beautiful Metropolitan No.1 replica is half the size of the original E-class steam locomotive

The Metropolitan Railway was the world’s first underground railway when it opened in 1863. It had just seven stations in central London but was soon extended, eventually reaching Amersham in 1892. The first official train service to Amersham departed Baker Street at 10.47am on 1 September 1892. It arrived in Amersham less than an hour later at 11.36am.

The Metropolitan 1 steam locomotive was a mainstay of the Metropolitan Railway services to Aylesbury for twenty years. It was called an E class locomotive and was designed by the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Metropolitan Railway, Mr T. F. Clark. Built in 1898, it was the last engine to be built at the Neasden works. Originally numbered 79, it was numbered No.1 as a replacement for the original A class locomotive No.1 that was scrapped after an accident.

Earlier locomotives were painted predominantly olive green. In 1885, the colour was changed to a deep red and this remained the standard colour until the Metropolitan Railway became part of London Transport in 1933.

The replica model is half the size of the original locomotive. Complete with Jubilee carriages, the model was designed and built by the leaders of the 1st Chesham Bois Scout Group in partnership with Amersham Town Council (as part of Amersham in Bloom) to highlight the importance of the railway in the development of ‘Metroland’ and Amersham-on-the-Hill.

The Met 1 display is a short walk from the railway station and is situated at Oakfield Corner, at the end of Hill Avenue.